Intruder Alarms

Every security installation demands individual design. No two-customer requirements are the same and all have many different considerations that must be recognised and taken into account. With an ever-increasing range of security products available we recognise that security solutions must fit your environment today and be flexible enough to meet your changing needs tomorrow. An Alphasec intruder alarm system is tailored to your specific requirements. We don’t even begin until we’ve discussed every phase of your security installation from concept to completion, ensuring we fully appreciate your requirements and you fully understand the system and services we provide.

It is important that systems are designed after careful assessment of the property and the level of protection required. Trained surveyors will ensure that all threats to the property and occupants are identified and a specification will detail equipment to be installed and its location. Installation is carried out by trained engineers and is accordance with NSI codes of practice to confirm compliance with the appropriate standards.

We utilise state of the art equipment which provides the most effective and versatile protection against intruders. The comprehensive range of control panels combine advanced electronics with a wide range of engineering and user facilities. Our intruder detection devices incorporate the latest developments in detection technology, providing effective solutions for all your security needs regardless of condition or environment.

Customer Support

However there is more to an alarm system than advanced technology. Your intruder system must be trouble-free and offer dependable reliable service, so the quality of service and support you receive is equally important. As a customer of Alphasec you’ll find our approach to service as comprehensive as the equipment and systems themselves. A full 24 hour backup service is always available to ensure that security and safety are never compromised in any emergency.

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