Why Carry Out A Survey

We are often asked if we can give a price over the telephone. This we will be pleased to do but it can only be an estimate - an approximation. Once it is confirmed that our prices are within budget a survey is essential. A survey is needed in order to properly establish the level of security coverage required and how long the installation will take. In the majority of homes and small businesses it will be a routine visit and need not take very long but in some homes and in some businesses it will take longer. The surveyor will consider all aspects of the property including location, construction, layout and vulnerability. He will need to know about specific patterns of occupancy, if any areas or items within the property need special consideration. Is there a room with a safe, what are the stock levels, which stock is valuable and where is it stored? Where is the computer room, How many rooms have computers? If the security system is tied in with insurance company requirements other questions will arise. What are their conditions of cover, what level of security coverage and what method of signalling to the alarm receiving centre is being stipulated? Whether it's a business or a home this kind of information and more is required in order to be able to meet and fulfil your security requirements.

Once the survey is completed we will forward a specification and a quotation together with other literature to guide you in your decision.

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